Introductions are best as fill in the blanks.

I’m a _______ New Yorker.

I can’t live without _______ saying hello to your dog.

I’m ready for _______ a deep dive convo about your favorite podcast.

I’m a Brooklyn based storyteller and content creator. Like many of you, I’ve tried to fit my narrative into one straight line. But it’s just not possible! I’m on a mission to use my creativity to build brands, help you find clarity and create meaningful content your readers will love you for.

I live in a crazy city and I work hard to experience it with intention every day. That’s where my ‘slow living in a fast city’ slogan comes from. What brings me joy is blogging about tips for exploring New York, travel, wellness and female entrepreneurs creating unapologetic careers.

Through writing and other projects, I’m working on moving intentionally beyond fear to a creative life that I’ve always dreamed of.

Freelance blogging, content strategy and copywriting are my jam!