My Story

I’m a writer, wellness advocate and rescue dog mom living in Brooklyn, NY.

Well actually, I’m a lot of things. I don’t think we need to be defined by a simple tagline, right? …

My background is in public relations, healthcare and small business arts organizations and I’ve found that I am able to make the most impact for good when I can bring an idea to life through the subtleties and power of words. Over the past few years, writing has become a large part of my identity, both personally and professionally.

With a B.A. in Art History and Psychology and a Master of Public Health, I am continually searching for ways to marry my love of the arts with a desire to bring mindfulness and positive health practices to a new audience.

My Work

I’ve been on a long journey of returning to my creative self and I love sharing what I’ve learned on my blog. I hope that through humor, step by step tips and some serious vulnerability, my blog can help you find that bit of creativity in yourself you buried a while ago, and if nothing else, your new favorite backyard garden restaurant in the city or a female founded brand to support.

Besides my blog, I write for brands and digital media companies on a wide range of topics. Looking for a creative copywriter to bring your brand’s story to the next level? Or need a reliable contributor to your lifestyle site?