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Ten clean beauty essentials for spring

Ten clean beauty essentials for spring

We’ve made it! Spring starts TODAY and I’ve rounded up my ten essential clean beauty products to transition you from dull winter skin to a bright, dewey face! Who else is feeling a little blah these days and needs something that will make you look alive? I believe in investing in a few good quality skincare products rather than a bunch of fragrant, chemical-filled items that promise a long list of impossible “fixes.”

But clean beauty can be confusing. What really constitutes as being natural? Organic? Non-comedogenic? Why do we use oil on our faces even if we’re oil-prone? Ah, so many questions - and I’ll answer them in the coming posts. For now, I’ll share the ten best clean beauty products for dull skin that could use some exfoliation and cheering up:

  1. Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil

    Who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? Their little bottle of potent tea tree oil is affordable and hails from Australia. Tea tree oil is antiseptic, so I love diluting it on a water-soaked cotton ball or pad for my face and neck. It helps fight the irritation and buildup I often get from bundling up in itchy scarves and hats all winter.

  2. Follain’s Refillable Everything Soap (use code ref15_3o2vpw at Follain for 15% OFF)

    My skin has just about taken all it can with this dry winter. And for all you New Yorkers hand washing your dishes, I’m in the trenches with ya. I love Follain’s Everything Soap because it’s so gentle. The lemongrass scent has me dreaming of spring blooms and Easter eggs.

  3. Soapwalla Concentrated Repair Balm

    OK Soapwalla may just be my favorite Brooklyn-based beauty brand EVER. Can I even make that commitment? Am I ready? I’m nervous. Their repair balm relieves my extremely dry hands and is glossy and thin enough for face-use too. It’s truly all-purpose for any rough patches. And who can resist a balm with prickly pear as one of its ingredients? Delicious!

  4. PACIFICA Cocoa Rush Anti-Fatigue Mask

    Over the past few months I often check the mirror first thing in the AM and think wow, I slept 7-8 hours and still look like THIS? Yikes. Pacifica’s anti-fatigue mask is a light texture so I recommend wearing it around the house in the AM for 15 minutes before a quick rinse. It’s light enough that leaving it on for a longer amount of time shouldn’t cause any redness or irritation.

  5. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil (use code ref15_3o2vpw at Follain for 15% OFF)

    Don’t be intimidated by the strange word ‘squalane.’ It’s a saturated oil that’s meant to smooth out and bring elasticity to the skin. Squalane used to be derived from the livers of sharks…eek. So it’s important to know where yours is coming from and many U.S. companies don’t disclose this info. Indie Lee’s squalane is 100% olive derived and the ideal facial product to transition into spring with. It’s light but gets the job done.

  6. Osea Ocean Cleanser (use code ref15_3o2vpw at Follain for 15% OFF)

    Another great LIGHT product for spring. I’m so ready to move away from thick and heavy cleansers and moisturizers. Osea’s cleanser is definitely my preferred go to. You really only need a tiny bit to remove dirt and oil, so your purchase will go the distance!

  7. Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil

    I can’t put just ONE TJ’s item on my list. Their Vitamin E oil is another lighter option to transition to for moisturizing your body after months of thicker moisturizers. It’s simple, fragrance-free and can be easily mixed with other oils.

  8. Stewart & Claire Mint Julep Lip Scrub or get the combo pack with a balm added in for an additional $5.

    I’ve been a big fan of Stewart & Claire since their New York days, dragging friends to their pop-ups and fangirling over their different flavor lip balms. Their lip scrub completely gets rid of the layers of dead skin that have built up over the winter. A common misconception is that we can only fight dry skin with hydration. But first…exfoliate!

  9. W3LL People Expressionist Mascara (use code ref15_3o2vpw at Follain for 15% OFF)

    With shedding all those layers, you’ll probably want to lighten your load in terms of what you’re wearing on your face all day as well. W3LL People’s mascara brings color and a brightening effect to your eyes without the goopiness of a lot of store brand mascaras. I used it on my wedding day in 90 degree heat and it never smeared!

  10. Vapour Elixer Lipgloss (use code ref15_3o2vpw at Follain for 15% OFF)

    You didn’t think I would talk #spring without droppin’ some lipgloss in, did you? I love Vapour’s product line for concealers and lipsticks but I’m trying their lipgloss this season to change things up. I know…wild. I’m feeling nostalgic for the stick applicators of my youth and am loving their color options too.

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