5 ways to stay cool on a budget in NYC this summer

I don’t know about you, but I’m coming out of every subway ride lately, no matter how short it is, looking a little crazed. After living in the city for almost five years, I’ve realized it’s important to find little ways to cool off and regain some sanity in the heat of the summer. Most of us aren’t on luxury hotel rooftop pools every night, so I’ve rounded up a few reasonable ways to beat the heat.

Courtesy of Phillip Henzler

Courtesy of Phillip Henzler

Here are five ways I’m staying cool on a budget in NYC this summer:

Buy a $10 kiddie pool.

Plop it on your communal roof, bring it to Central Park and ignore the strange stares as you fill it up from a water fountain, or find that friend who somehow has a tiny yard in the city. However you get this to work, more power to you.

Switch up your commute by taking a ferry home.

Why are we not talking about this more?! Over the past few years, the NYC Ferry has added FIVE new routes. At the price of just a one-way subway ride, this is such a better way to travel along Queens, Brooklyn, the East side of Manhattan and all the way to the Rockaways.

Make a boozy popsicle.

Country Living knows what is UP with their 18 recipes for an alcohol-infused popsicle. Run these from the freezer to McCarren Park on a Saturday afternoon. It’s fine. You will probably still be one of the most sober people there.

Courtesy of Alison Marras

Courtesy of Alison Marras

Sign up for lap swimming at an NYC pool.

I’ve never personally experienced a public city pool during the middle of a weekend afternoon, and I don’t think I want to. But what I do recommend is signing up for early bird and night owl lap swims at your nearest public pool. This is when the adults are chillin’ in the slow lane and practicing their breaststroke in the fast lane. It’s free and a perfect wind down to a super hot work week.

Escape the everyday to a city rooftop.

I guess they say heat rises? Sure. But there’s something about getting up above the foot traffic and everyday noises of the city. You don’t have to order expensive drinks or wait in crowds to get the most of some of the best rooftops in the city. My suggestions are to view this season’s art installment and only grab a drink if you’re in the mood at The Met Cantor Rooftop & Garden or take a free Saturday tour of Brooklyn Grange’s Long Island City rooftop farm or sign up for one of their many other workshops or activities.

What’s your favorite way to beat the heat during a New York summer? Comment below…

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5 ways to stay cool on a budget in nyc this summer