Brooklyn holiday favorites for the conscious shopper

Gift giving is becoming more unconventional each season, as our culture moves toward understanding the waste that sometimes accumulates from it. Especially during the winter holidays, I try to plan out meaningful, curated gifts for my friends and family that they’ll be excited about year-round - rather than just for a season.

The following shops are all in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - a few short blocks from each other with online retail shops too! If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for a conscious shopper who you think already has it all, these options may do just the trick. Shop local, shop small!

Sprout Home at 59 Grand Street in Brooklyn, NY

Wreath making, terrariums, classes and tutorials and a plethora of house plants with friendly, knowledgeable staff - you’re bound to find the perfect gift for anyone who loves a little greenery in their home. On my last visit, I took home a hand-picked bouquet of $1 sale roses, as they were on their way out and not up to standards for a full-price bouquet. Ah, sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

Package Free Shop at 137 Grand Street in Brooklyn, NY

Every time I go in, I find another sustainable necessity to replace my old single-use plastic items that I didn’t even realize were so harmful to the environment (hey, we weren’t always so knowledgeable about plastic straws, right?). Package Free has the coolest zero waste kits and plenty of one-off items. On my last visit, I left with a double tiffin, which is a sustainable and sturdy way to take my lunches on the go rather than waste paper and plastic bags. It’s also great for leftovers storage and easy to reheat in the oven.

Narnia Vintage at 672 Driggs Avenue in Brooklyn, NY

Originally on the Lower East Side, like lots of unique shops, Narnia made its way across the East River a few years ago. You’ll find the most incredible, timeless vintage items here, as well as an expanding collection of crystals, candles and other bits and bobbles for your burgeoning assemblage of only the most unique finds.

Where are your favorite places to shop in New York for your loved ones? I’d love to know, so comment below!

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