Late July fun in the city and beyond

Summer’s moving ahead oh so quickly and we’ve braved the recent thunderstorms and heat advisories for what looks like a perfectly mid-80’s weekend. And while the pace at which the days are going by is fast, the general speed of each moment feels slow. This is the time of year many clear out for family vacations or beach and European getaways, a time to escape before the post Labor Day buzz sets in.

For me, it’s one of the best times to be in New York. I revel in the less crowded subway cars and guilt-free nights spent reading a book with the windows thrown wide open. There’s less scheduling of the future and more being in the now. Does it feel this way to you too?

Late July New York City

Here are a few fun things to do, read or watch in the coming days:

  • A Summer Movie Under the Stars in Prospect Park has two more nights. Grab a free ticket and lay a blanket out for snacks and cinema on Long Meadow.

  • The New York Times’ Summer’s Hottest Takes had me giggling out loud. Controversial, yes. But I must admit I agree with about 85% of these bold statements.

  • You all know Helen Levi’s ceramics, even if you don’t. Know what I mean? I featured her in my 20 Female Makers to Follow list and she has just announced new dates for her open studio hours (which include sales, one of a kind pieces, and more day-of surprises).

  • A pretty new and local sustainable fashion brand is having a summer sale. Support these women dropping knowledge about fashion’s impact on our planet while doing it all in style y’all.

  • I just finished reading All You Can Ever Know by Nicole Chung. This memoir is about the author’s search for her immigrant Korean birth family. Adopted by white parents in Oregon in the early 1980’s, it’s a story of defining who you are beyond the narratives that others may have written for you. I thought Chung’s words were honest and vulnerable, with an exploration into so many perspectives of a difficult topic.

  • Hot Cactus, in its second summer popping up in New York, has expanded to both 3 and 5 Essex Street on the Lower East Side as of yesterday! You’ll be walking through a jungle of uniquely sourced cacti and extremely knowledgeable staff. Worth just a peak for inspiration.

  • I found a sense of relief from reading this Atlantic piece about “the high maintenance woman” archetype in When Harry Met Sally. It’s a cult classic that was one of the many contributions to my romantic love for New York, as I’m sure it was for many. But this article gets at the crux of why there was always something a little bit off to me.

  • Preparing for your next heatwave activity? BAM’s programming of We Can’t Even: Millenials Portrayed on Film runs through August 6th.

  • Or still looking for a low-commitment reason to wander Governor’s Island this weekend? The New York City Poetry Festival is free. Bring those secret prose you’ve been working on and join in on the open mic. DO IT.

  • My latest Instagram obsession is bringing us radiance, positivity, and is the first person (I’ve come across) to bring drag culture to the outdoors. I can’t get enough.

Have a lovely weekend,