Plant shops in NYC: 10 favorites

Ten Plant Shops in NYC

We all know that indoor houseplants are having a BIG moment - going from grandma to ‘grammable. Yes I just wrote that and I refuse to apologize for it, haha!

While there are a lot of trendy plant shops popping up all over New York, it’s a little harder to find the good value, helpful staff and products to facilitate the growth of your green babies through our cold winters and apartments full of forced heating.

That’s why I’ve listed my ten current favorite New York plant shops.

My list is always growing, so comment below with your favorite plant shops in New York!

Greenery Unlimited, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This place is new, as of last week! I popped in over the weekend to check out the first ever biophilic design store. Well what does that really mean? Greenery Unlimited is the brainchild of Greenery NYC, a botanic design company. They examine and facilitate ways in which humans are inherently needing nature in our everyday lives. They create living installations for their clients and have a great online portal that will help you find the right plant for your environment.

Crest Hardware, Williamsburg - North Side, Brooklyn

Crest is my local go-to for greenery. I sometimes have hesitation in telling others about it because it’s such a special little place, but alas, it’s all about sharing the plant love. Head to the back of the hardware store and there will be a door to their indoor/outdoor nursery for all types of houseplants. The staff is very knowledgeable and kind. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll come across Franklin, the resident pot-bellied pig who you can consult for expert advice on low-light pothos.

Plant Shed, Upper West Side and Nolita, Manhattan

Plant Shed has a lot going on - events, subscription services, office plant design and more. But I still think they’re a great location to just walk into and buy a single plant! Plant Shed was founded by a family who has worked in the botanical world for over 50 years, and I’ve always thought the current staff are very insightful too.

Joy’s Flower Pot, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Joy’s Flower Pot is a really unique little gem run by such a warm staff. When I’m in there, I feel like I’m perusing plants in a friend’s living room. They’re not one of the commercial, minimalist houseplant shops that are popular these days…and that’s why I love them so much!

Sprout Home, Williamsburg - South Side, Brooklyn

I’m going to give Sprout the award for most curated. It is just GORGEOUS in there and they’ve even got a kitchen store across the street. Sprout Home has workshops, flower arrangements and a really great selection of pots too. I’d highly recommend a walk through the store, even if it’s just for inspiration.

Sprout Home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Ten plant shops in NYC

Sprout Home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Ten plant shops in NYC

Urban Garden Center, East Harlem, Manhattan

I love Urban Garden Center because it is bringing the plant love uptown! Every NYC neighborhood deserves it. UGC is HUGE, so you can really find anything that you’re looking for. The prices here are unmatched and they don’t care about the frills of neon signs or a hashtag worthy slogan. They’re just here to bring the plants to the people!

The Grow Room, Astoria, Queens

And speaking of all NYC neighborhoods needing plant love, no way could I forget about Queens. The Grow Room used to be only for plant growing supplies, seeds, soil, etc. but as of January, they’ve turned their plant pop-up into a permanent section of their store. If you’re looking for any obscure plant growing assistance (specifically in hydroponics), you’ve gotta try The Grow Room.

Tend, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Tend was voted one of the best new shops of 2018 by The Shop Keepers for good reason. It’s right along the main drag of Franklin Street in Greenpoint so it’s a must for any shopping day in the neighborhood. What makes Tend unique to me is its ability to help me stretch my imagination in terms of how I can display plants in a little New York apartment. It’s a quaint little shop that will make you feel inspired to fill up whatever kind of space you have.

Greenery Unlimited in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  Ten plant shops in NYC

Greenery Unlimited in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Ten plant shops in NYC

Da Hing, Chinatown, Manhattan

Da Hing doesn’t have a website. MAYBE it has an Instagram account with like ten followers? But honey, it doesn’t need either. This shop in Chinatown is no BS, has fair prices and is overflowing with a lot of the best hanging plant options I’ve seen in New York. Enough said.

GRDN, Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

GRDN is the type of shop that pushes me from houseplant obsessed to flower lover real quick. They’ve got a great mix of both. I’ve never been one to purchase flowers anywhere but Trader Joes, but GRDN makes me question that choice. Whatever you choose to get here, know that they’ve got a great little secret garden for individual succulents and small houseplants.

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