25 NYC restaurants where you’ll be surrounded by plants

I’ve rounded up twenty-five New York City restaurants where you can eat, drink and socialize around plants and plenty of greenery.

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

Plants in our apartments are a source of relaxation and purification. Outdoor gardens are a wonderful hideaway from the city heat. And you all know I’m a big fan of just hanging out in houseplant shops. But on these freezing winter days, there’s nothing cozier than finding a warm restaurant that will envelop you in living greenery.

I’ve listed out a lot of different spots for you to try below. Some may be best for coffee or a cocktail, while others you should indulge in with a three-course meal. Whichever ones you choose to try, I hope they perk you up during this dreary time of year.

What are your favorite plant-filled restaurants in the city? I’d love to know!

  • Homecoming in Greenpoint + Williamsburg, the epitome of Saturday morning errands: it’s a perfect spot to grab your morning coffee and a fresh bouquet of flowers.

  • UGC Eats in East Harlem, the eatery sibling to Urban Garden Center. This cafe is great for grabbing a cup of coffee with friends, and even playing a game of pool. Why not?

  • Llama Inn in Williamsburg, a fine dining experience with Peruvian cuisine where you’ll be able to look up and see a crowded ceiling and shelves full of plants. I recommend reservations, it’s a popular place.

  • Urban Backyard in Little Italy, this Instagram-worthy cafe takes succulents to a new level and has turned them into cupcakes. It’s a tiny spot to grab a quick coffee or dessert, and I won’t judge you if you need to pose for a picture too. Everybody seems to be doing it!

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

  • Greca in TriBeca, one of the more laid back and rustic-feeling restaurants in this upscale neighborhood. Greca is a warm and friendly Greek spot.

  • Bohaus in Bedford Stuyvesant, this place rivals my love of Homecoming as a perfect little spot to shop for flowers while drinking coffee. Bohaus has better seating, so you’ve gotta try it!

  • Palma in the West Village, a romantic Italian nook with a little covered courtyard. Usually filled with roses!

  • Otway in Clinton Hill, a mid-century gem that works its minamilist layout of plants to its advantage. It’s a popular brunch spot but I think it’s best to try for dinner or cocktail + snacks.

  • House of Small Wonder in Williamsburg, a Japanese/European fusion of simple sandwiches and wholesome ingredients, I am a forever fan of House of Small Wonder. You’ll feel like you’re in a tropical treehouse rather than nearby the East River waterfront.

  • Sweet Polly in Prospect Heights, this is where you go when you are like, “Yes, I am an adult living in NYC and it is time for an adult cocktail!” And there’s a big living wall behind the buttery leather booth seating. #pinkiesup

  • 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge in Brooklyn Heights, this is another great, “I’m a grown up!” spot to meet for drinks. Not really sure why I have to say that in my head a lot, but let’s go with it. One of their restaurants, The Osprey, is their most foliage-filled spot.

  • Devocion Coffee in multiple locations, Devocion has a few very unique and dramatic locations. Each one has some greens incorporated into the aesthetic, but their Williamsburg cafe has the most.

  • Toro in Chelsea, delicious Spanish tapas, huge living wall. Really nothing else needs to be said!

  • Grounded in the West Village, ya’ll - if you haven’t been to Grounded yet, come chat with me for a quick guide to the best stuff to do in the city. Grounded is undoubtedly a favorite coffee/study spot among the masses and I would say their plants are just one of the many reasons.

  • Cafe Alula in Greenpoint, this place is pretty new and such a great addition to the neighborhood. Checkout Tend next door four a double dose of plants.

  • Uva on the Upper East Side, cozy Italian spot. Make sure to ask to be seated in the back covered garden and I’d also recommend reservations.

  • PPL in Williamsburg, this little cafe in the Southern section of Williamsburg carries donuts and other treats that will rival all their little succulents in cuteness. It’s more of a grab and go joint rather than sit down.

  • Di an Di in Greenpoint, this Vietnamese restaurant will truly warm your cold winter soul. And they make a stark white room so warm with plants of various sizes and hanging elevations.

  • The Butcher’s Daughter in multiple locations, the ultimate SoCal smoothie and acai bowl destination. I love visiting in the dead of winter because it feels like a real escape.

  • The Cafe at Wave Hill in Riverdale in the Bronx, Wave Hill will make your plant-loving heart explode! Hang out in this public garden’s indoor conservatory then grab a bite to eat in their cafe. Make sure to come back in the warmer months to enjoy their plethora of gardens.

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

25 New York restaurants and coffee shops with plants

  • Olmsted in Prospect Heights, Olmsted could be one of the most successful new restaurants of the past few nears. Their living wall was built by the founders themselves!

  • Pinto Garden in the West Village, this Asian-fusion spot has a very bright and airy covered courtyard. A great spot to host a party.

  • The Palm Court at The Plaza in Midtown East, you may just want to grab a pastry or tea, as these prices are no joke! But The Palm Court is a gorgeous rendering of traditional indoor English gardens and it’s breathtaking.

  • Old Tbilisi Garden in the West Village, specializing in traditional Georgian cuisine with a living garden on the back wall.

  • Companion Cafe in Prospect Heights, this is a pretty new one! With great coffee and vegan options, it’s a wee little nook that’s drenched in sunlight.


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