5 ways to support LGBTQ+ companies without going corporate

I was walking down 5th Avenue this week and felt a little smothered by the onslaught of rainbow painted storefronts and “Love is Love” signs touted by corporate brands, ranging from Origins Skincare to Kate Spade to HBC.

I know that some of these companies exploding in “prideful” celebration donate to LGBTQ+ non-profits during June, but why not skip the corporate-ness all together this month and go right to the source?

Think I’m exaggerating? Just take a look at Capital One’s Union Square branch. Like, woah.

If you want to put your dollars towards a LGBTQ+ owned brand or activity, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites below:

  1. Light a candle from Queer Candle Co.

    I bought one of these little guys from a Greenpoint market and love all their scents. With 10% of all sales going to the Silvia Rivera Law Project, they’re donating 20% of sales of specific Pride Month scents to the project.

  2. Order up some ice cream from Big Gay Ice Cream or Cool Haus!

    Both queer founded and owned, Big Gay Ice Cream is based in NYC and Cool Haus in LA, but their pints are available all over.

  3. Indulge in a good quality vegan skincare product from a queer owned company like Soapwalla.

    I think I rave about these products all the time. But I don’t care, because they’re that good! You can read a great interview with the founder about what it means to be queer in the beauty industry here.

  4. Become familiar with an LGBTQ+ artist.

    Two of my recent favorites are:

  5. Listen to some new LGBTQ+ musicians.

    Find local artists in your area. Specifically, this month you can head to a Sofar Sounds Pride Night in your city. I frequent these concerts often in New York, but they’ve got pride nights happening all over the world!

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