Content Creation + Copywriting

A snapshot of some of my most recent work.

One for One Campaign.png

Launched and wrote copy for a monthly donation campaign at The Sketchbook Project, matching a day’s sales with sketchbooks and art supplies given to a nominated charity.

For Brooklyn Art Library/The Sketchbook Project

Canvas Project.png

Developed marketing copy for a one-off limited edition project. Successfully leveraged our existing community base to engage with a new creative challenge and broaden our reach to artists seeking a new medium to create with.

For Brooklyn Art Library/The Sketchbook Project


As a public relations professional, one of my clients developed an off-branded patient resource guide for a cancer therapy. I wrote content for and contributed to the production of patient and caregiver videos to bolster the visual aspects of this community support website.

For Novocure as a healthcare public relations specialist

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 9.19.20 PM.png

Wrote ‘Artist Spotlight’ blog posts to generate excitement within our existing community. Developed relatable content to promote repeat engagement. Over 45K reach.

For Brooklyn Art Library/The Sketchbook Project