Over the past year or so after spontaneously meeting female entrepreneurs or women embarking on a new creative journey, I’ve come to realize that my passion is in building a community of creative women whose experiences in freelance and entrepreneurship can help weave a larger narrative of female voices dominating their respective industries.

Artists, graphic designers, game creators, writers… any woman who puts their stake in a creative career: we are our own greatest resource. I believe in the collective journey of portraying creative fields as they truly are - with diverse and dynamic female players.

I have developed and moderated panel discussions that bring together visual artists to discuss their paths of building successful and unique brands - and why their female perspectives have been paramount through all of it.

Panelists to note: Sara Boccaccini MeadowsAmber VittoriaNashra Balagamwala, Emily Isabella, Fiona C., Hannah Sarfraz and Alba Paramo.

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