Over the past year or so of spontaneously meeting female entrepreneurs and seeing the ways in which so many women are developing unapologetically creative and authentic careers, I’ve started to do a lot of introspection.

Out of a curiosity and need for community, I have developed and moderated panel discussions that bring together visual artists to discuss their paths of building successful and unique brands - and why their female perspectives have been paramount through all of it.

We are our own greatest resource. I believe in the collective journey of portraying creative fields as they truly are - with diverse and dynamic female players. And I believe by sharing their stories, female freelancers and entrepreneurs will weave a larger narrative of what these industries look like.

Panelists to note: Sara Boccaccini MeadowsAmber VittoriaNashra Balagamwala, Emily Isabella, Fiona C., Hannah Sarfraz and Alba Paramo.

My passion is in helping to build a platform for the female perspective: to share deep insights into what it means to be a woman making waves in a creative industry.