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I’m a freelance writer and content strategist with experience in multiple industries spanning public relations, public health and the visual arts. I’m always on the lookout for new clients in New York and beyond.



One of the strange circumstances that led me to realize I have a true love for the details of writing - regardless of the topic, was when I started helping friends convey their value and skill sets when applying for jobs. I can give you a fresh perspective on aligning your voice and messaging with the role you want, give structural guidance for your cover letter or resume and take on the little details, because who wants to worry about typos?

  • Resume + Cover letter assessments

  • Proofreading + Editing


I love researching new topics and unfurling a story to find the hidden turning points or insightful moments that make your brand unique. I can help to position your brand in a positive way with new engagement, or reinvigorate your company’s existing community. With a background in PR, I have a knack for writing in your voice, and helping you make your content concise, yet enticing.

  • Articles

  • Emails

  • Blog posts + Website content

  • Product + Service naming

  • Brand positioning

  • Copywriting

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